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cyndiHello. I have been one of Dr. Arendt’s TMJ patients for the past 3.5 years. I was referred to Dr. Arendt by a general dentist who didn’t have the expertise to treat complicated TMJ patients. My case is complicated because I was in a head on collision in 1982 and went through the windshield, causing my jaw to become severely out of alignment (among other injuries!)

As a result, I had a TMJ implant in my left jaw in 1989, and have had difficulties ever since getting my bite aligned. To make matters worse, I am an emergency coordinator, so have a stressful job . When I am under a great deal of stress, I grind my teeth at night, and have even broken several teeth. ARRRGGGHHH!

Needless to say, I have been to countless dentists before who have tried to get my bite “right”. Dr. Arendt is the ONLY one who has done it, and has the know-how to keep it right! He made me a custom splint I wear at night, reconstructed most of the bottom teeth and even made one of my crowns right in his office! His expertise is superior to anyone I have ever been to, and he keeps up to speed in the latest technology, so you won’t have to go chasing all over town to different specialists. He also has excellent partnerships with endodontists and oral surgeons locally, who helped in my treatment plan. If you are having TMJ pain or have been in an accident and have alignment issues, go see Dr. Arendt. He takes the time to listen to you, and the expertise to determine down to the micron what you need to forget about your teeth! If you have TMJ problems, you know what I mean!!! Please, so see Dr. Arendt! You will be very glad you did! – Cindi Rilling

Dr. Arendt was recommended to me by a good friend and I am so glad he was! My teeth needed some help; crowns I got as a teenager needed to be replaced, and after years of visiting the dentist and having work done, my bite was very uneven. Dr. Arendt and his staff made the whole process easy. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! They were even willing to work out a payment plan that made it easier on my bank account too. I love my new crowns! Dr. Arendt is a master of precision, he is also very meticulous and spent a lot of time getting my teeth just right. My teeth come together perfectly and I no longer have a sore mouth from an uneven bite. My family and friends say that I smile more, I think they’re right! Thank you for giving me my smile back! – Cindy Wohlsclagel

 loriDear Dr. Arendt,

What do you say to someone who has added so much quality back to your life? Thank you just does not seem appropriate enough. I do appreciate and respect your talents, more than words can express.

My wholehearted recommendation is for you, Dr. Arendt. Thank you so very much for your consistent compassion and understanding. I consider you to be an architect of prosthetic dentistry. After years of failed dental attempts to restore the function and aesthetics of my mouth, you through your education and experience were able to design and implement a masterpiece for my mouth.

I had lost faith in my own ability to make good decisions when it came to finding a dentist that could actually help me. You not only restored my faith in dentists, but in my abilty to trust physicians again. That is huge for me.

I have and will continue to travel two hours one-way to visit Dr. Arendt. I cannot imagine allowing any other dentist access to my mouth or teeth. I am overcome with emotion when I look in the mirror at my pretty smile and comfortable and very functional teeth. I can eat anything I want without pause for concern.

I truly enjoy spreading the word of Dr. Arendt, and of his prosthetic skill to family and friends. He takes personal pride in his promise to you as a professional, to provide exceptional dental care. He is a rare physician in this day and age that still believes in providing excellent care and guidance to those who suffer with mouth and jaw problems.


Lori O.